The truth about voter fraud truthers

By taking up the mantle of “election integrity” they are consciously manipulating public discussion to advance an agenda that exists to buttress a status-quo rooted deeply in traditions of classist exclusivity and structural racism.


Hiding a pregnancy from Big Data might get you flagged as a criminal.

    A friend of mine sent me an interesting read this morning: a Mashable story on Princeton sociology professor Janet Vertesi’s mission to prevent marketers from discovering her pregnancy. The manner of methods by which she evaded detection are striking reminders of how embedded in our daily lives are the means of personal data collection–and retrieval. By now, most…

“Don’t Give It to a Russian” sex embargo takes guerrilla boycotting to the next level

Sanctions just got real. Ukrainian women are urging others to “fight the enemy by whatever means” by boycotting sex with Russian citizens. Global Voices reports: “This week, a creative boycott began in Ukraine that is drawing the attention of Russian Internet users. Ukrainian women are organizing a new campaign called “Don’t give it to a Russian”—a sex…