As it turns out, Ebola virus plush toys are a thing.

Once again, my friend Adam and his hilarious random Amazon finds came through for me on a day when I really, REALLY needed to laugh at something completely un-serious. Somehow the “Giant Microbes” toy line escaped my notice prior to today, otherwise this would already be my go-to present for toddler birthdays. No nursery or play room is complete without the Ebola virus toy, which comes with an image of the actual virus (I like to imagine it tagged to the toy, like a name badge on the world’s nerdiest Beanie Baby) and information about the terrifying super-bug.


My favorite review?

“I got this for myself a while back but it has become a favorite of my kids (2.5 and 5) so much so that they take it to Church and out with us when we go shopping. I admit it is fun when I get to tell people that my infant is chewing on Ebola or that my toddler is carrying Ebola. So far we haven’t gone into what Ebola is but that will come.”

The 5-year-old clutching a stuffed Ebola toy to her chest while she recites the “Our Father” in church is definitely the kid I’d want to know. Parenting: they’re doing it right.

I expect that the recent outbreak and ensuing interest in Ebola accounts for the sudden uptick in demand for the toy. At the time of posting, Amazon is completely out of stock. Sad face. My understandable disappointment was eased a bit after a quick glance over the “customers also viewed” gallery where I discovered other stuffed diseases that (if I have my way) may soon populate my friends’ kids’ toy stables (I’m looking at you, “Flesh Eating Virus”).


You can check out the entire set here.


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