There’s a market for adult bouncy castles and this Croatian-Austrian design collective is crushing it

Three-story inflatable bouncy castle with a gridded rope climbing course on the inside? Um, yes please. Wired reports:

“The String Prototype, as it’s called, is a massive inflatable cube filled with ropes that have been strategically positioned to make a climbable, 32-foot-high jungle gym. Looking at it in photos, you’ll first notice the matrix of individual ropes, which are each connected to the wall of the cube. But look a little closer and you’ll notice that you can’t really see where that connection is. The cube looks infinite with its edges blurred by a halo-like glow, which is a result of diffused light coming through the translucent plastic.”

I feel like this should be a quirky work-perk amenity at a Silicon Valley start-up. Or a featured element in a geometry teacher’s nightmare. Not sure if traversing a Cartesian ropes course is really your thing? Fret not. These genius designers also have an inflatable bouncy castle with an internal web of trampoline-hammocks:

I vote yes.


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