Need to fix a parking ticket? There’s an app for that.

If I could break any law and get away with it I wouldn’t waste time pillaging the Louvrecounterfeiting money, or suggesting victims of environmental disasters pick up the tab for cleaning up my corporate pollution.

I would simply park wherever I pleased.

With this in mind, I was drunk with power excited to read about Fixed, an app that bills itself as “the easiest way to fix a ticket.” According to a post today in  The Atlantic Cities,

“The app works like this: Users snap a photo of their parking ticket. Based on the type of citation (street cleaning, expired meter, etc.), the app responds with several suggested errors commonly associated with the violation. Was the street cleaning sign visible? Did the parking officer record your VIN number correctly? Was the meter broken? Based on the answers, the app prompts users to collect additional photographic evidence from the scene. Then it compiles a letter contesting the citation. Users digitally sign the document, and Fixed (snail)mails it to the city on their behalf.”

Essentially, Fixed lives and breathes the legal grey areas in parking codes and regulations:

“There are factual errors – maybe the officer misinterpreted the day on the sign. There are legal errors, perhaps when a car is parked more than 100 feet from an applicable sign. There are procedural errors (maybe the officer wrote you a ticket before the street cleaner came through instead of afterward). And then there are what Hegarty calls “appeals to fairness.” He got a ticket once for having no residential parking permit, despite the fact that he had demonstrably applied for one two months earlier.”

Unfortunately for me, the app is limited geographically and currently only thwarts citations in San Francisco, but it’s only a matter of time until it makes its way to my part of the world. SOON


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