Are privileged elites appropriating feminism? Maybe so…

(Jen Sorensen)

Absolutely fascinating read, via The Nation

“In the end, what I found so worrisome about TEDWomen was that I was seeing firsthand what happens when “feminism” isn’t defined by feminists. Instead of the messy, nuanced reality, we got a carefully curated package of what powerful people think feminism should be—or, at least, which feminism would be most appealing.

The truth is that these groups aren’t trying to make feminism popular; they’re trying to make it theirs. Attempts to “revive” a movement that’s alive and well is about wresting and keeping control away from the activists who made it what it is. “


5 thoughts on “Are privileged elites appropriating feminism? Maybe so…

  1. I have mixed feelings about this article. Certainly the fact that TEDtalks refuse to discuss abortion is troubling. But saying a woman has to be pro-choice to be a feminist is just encouraging the polarization of our culture. It’s like the Republicans with their RINOS – if you don’t believe it all, you don’t belong, and I think that’s BS. Feminism shouldn’t be commodified, but it also shouldn’t be exclusionary.

    • I’m of a mind to agree with you on the pro-choice-as-litmus-test for authentic feminism point. Though I confess it’s hard for me to imagine a feminism that doesn’t support a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions.

      What’s stuck with me most about this article, however, is what potential impact elite conferences like TEDWomen have on informing the “what is feminism” discussion. An in that sense, I’m also concerned about what the exclusion of issues like abortion will mean in terms of framing that debate.

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