Political leaders re-imagined as drag queens: the world needed these GIFs

Thank you, interwebs! The artist explains the concept underlying this portrayal of political performance as art: “Like drag queens, political/religious leaders are expected to entertain, perform and occasionally lip-sync a public speech. But unlike drag queens, the fame hungry leaders don’t know when to take their costumes off.” Also: check out this Jezebel post that led me here.

Can you make it on Wall Street without turning into a rapacious dementor?

Next up on my reading list: Young Money: Inside the Hidden World of Wall Street’s Post-Crash Recruits. Kevin Roose, whose  last book recounted his life undercover at  Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University (LOVE THAT BOOK), now reports on the lives of newly-minted Ivy League graduates/wannabe 1-percenters. Via NPR: “In Young Money, Kevin Roose poses many important questions about the…